What is bespoke software, and why should you go bespoke?

Described as custom-made software directed at the unique, essential needs and objectives of your customer and company brand. It is a growing trend in the digital world and with the advances of technology and evolution of users, bespoke software is increasingly seen as vital to meet the complex demands of businesses and users.

In this article we will explain the benefits of bespoke software and why this is the choice of many companies.

Bespoke software explained

Sometimes referred to as custom or tailored software, it is a software solution designed and created for a specific user. In much the same way as a tailored suit, these software solutions are individually designed to your exact specifications. Different businesses have unique requirements that can be accommodated with a bespoke software solution. Developed to fit an existing workplace model, there is no interruption to workflow and business continuity.

Ownership of the bespoke software source code entitles a business to easily integrate it with other bespoke or packaged software. It can be used to replace a legacy system, updated or expanded to suit future needs. It is a relevant alternative to commercial or ‘off-the-shelf’ software.

Off-the-shelf software explained

Also referred to as commercial software this pre-packaged product is available to purchase on the mass market. It is a general-purpose product for a multitude of businesses and as many users as possible. As a generic product catering to many businesses, the software is not designed for business specific requirements often including unnecessary features and lacking essential tools. This may require additional resources either personnel or supplemental software to resolve.

Why you should go bespoke

With bespoke software, what you want is what you get. Harnessing 100% of the features, tools and design for maximum efficiency, it provides the perfect solution for companies to position themselves ahead of their competitors. Custom-made software eliminates compromise with the one-size-fits all package.

There is more to bespoke software than meets the eye

Changes in the development process are easily implemented to help your business growth and meet your customer’s demands.

Made to match your business model, bespoke software makes it possible to reduce issues requiring less supervision with fewer errors and boosting improved performance and efficiency.

The automation of repetitive tasks and utilisation of cloud technology reduces costs and bespoke solutions are more scalable than the commercial software they are designed to replace.

Custom-made solutions provide the key to differentiating your business from your competition.

Bespoke provides a seamless integration of data from your current application within the business model giving your customers enhanced services and better products.

The end result is a more fluid workflow and a unique service to drive customer satisfaction.

Not just a trendy concept, bespoke has become a necessity for companies to make an impression and thrive in the face of fierce competition.


Unleash your business potential with the power of bespoke software

Adaptable - targeting the right audience is easier with bespoke software solutions. Improve customer satisfaction and exceed expectations

Flexible - with a design to develop a clear interface that can be adjusted and modified in the process to improve, add and remove features.

Agile - increase the quality of the product with experimentation and troubleshooting without compromise to each stage of the project. Ability to introduce changes to the design concept for the perfect final product.

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Consumers expect a seamless experience and as technology becomes more sophisticated and widely available, expectations for software to keep pace and deliver increase. This is true too for employees having to use outdated legacy systems with less capacity and functionality than their personal devices and tools.

The qualitative nature and versatility of bespoke software that targets specific business needs, exceeds that of off-the-shelf software. The increasing demand for ‘smart’ solutions compels businesses to re-think strategies and re-purpose to cater to this.

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