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Modern, clean, stylish and responsive designs to suite you


From idea to final product, we can help you realise the design you always imagined whilst maintaining responsiveness to all of today's wide variety of devices.

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Bespoke Designs

With so much competition out there on the market within every industry, creating a lasting first impression of being professional and reliable is very important to any business. This is why having a great website can help them to stand out against all of their competitors.

It is also essential that this website fulfills all of your requirements of what you and the user need it. Whether it is an ecommerce site, portfolio or just for information distribution, enabling the user to achieve the end goal easily is just as important. This leads to higher conversions and respectively more business.

As a result, many businesses seek to have bespoke websites designed for them. At Pecometer we sit down with all of our clients to create full briefs based on their individual needs and goals. This helps us to present them with accurate solutions that will help their business to move forward in the right direction. Whether we are building from scratch or working from PSD designs, we can guarantee on a high quality, responsive website that will impress.


When producing the final product all of our code uses the latest techonologies to make sure you website or application is fast, reliable and responsive to every device.

Responsive Design

More people are frequently seeking the information they need through their mobile phone or tablet. Building in responsive features on mobiles such as instant calling, easy navigation and streamlined webpages means customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.


HTML5 is the markup for the structure of a website, used as its building blocks. These building blocks are made up of HTML elements such as headings or paragraphs. Each of these elements are the represents by tags.


CSS3 is used to stylise the web page. It manipulates the text, colours and blocks and explains how the HTML elements are to be displayed on a screen. CSS can be written inline with the HTML, in a ⟨style⟩ tag or added as an external file.

Fast Performance

Fast performance is crucial to converting users. A one second delay can lose 11% of conversions. We optimise images, reduce server time and streamline pages for mobile so you don't miss out on any business.


If you already have your design completed, we can help you turn it into the fast and responsive website you imagined it would be.

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From concept to reality

At Pecometer we can work from any PSD file that you give us and turn your idea into a full functioning website built using HTML and CSS.

Working from PSD to HTML brings many benefits. Firstly it makes it very easy for you to visualise the end result. This means you know what you are getting exactly out of the project from the very beginning, increasing the success of the project.

Additionally working from a PSD reduces the cost of a project as there is less time spent on research and planning. This can be a great option for clients who wants to work to a small budget.

If you have any PSD files that you would like to turn from idea to reality, then get in touch today and we can help make it happen.

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Between initial concept and final design, wireframes help visualise the project in the shortest amount of time and lowest cost

Why we use wireframes

A wireframe is an outline of what a website will look like, displaying the navigation and hierarchy of information. Wireframes are an essential part of planning and implementing a project, however detailed.

Using wireframes means that we are able to present our ideas and solutions to a client in the early stages, making any changes needed cost effective and takes less time than it would further down the line which can result in a project launch date being pushed back.

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