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About Pecometer

A friendly, professional and client focused company


From humble beginnings in an I.T. department within the financial industry to a leading web development company, read our story.

Making our mark

Over the last few years we have grown a name for ourselves within the industry. Starting from working within the finance sector we have grown to become a successful business.

Our designs, expertise and experience help us stand apart from our competitors. We have a wide combination of skills and vast knowledge of the tools of the industry. This means that our work is always set to succeed and we are able to offer expert advice to any problem.

We have been recognised by many clients as being able to offer effective and innovative solutions to the issues they face. A lot of our clients return to Pecometer because they know we value their needs and requirements above all else.

At Pecometer we constantly set ourselves new goals to help move our business forward. Software development is an industry that moves at a fast pace and we will move with it.

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Choosing the right company from the start can greatly reduce your lifetime expenditure as building your websites and applications is done right the first time.

UK Based

Our company is UK based, with our head office in Manchester, the heart of digital innovation. We help customers all over the UK to achieve their business goals. Additionally we work with Manchester companies to help train local young people and get them started on their career path in software design. Our location means that we are easily accessed when our clients request one to one meetings.


The process we use for our projects involves wireframes and prototypes and includes clients input along the way. This means any necessary changes are caught early on being quick and easy to implement, resulting in our projects being efficient from the beginning. We believe good communication with clients is key to a successful project so are always available for any queries or questions they may have either by phone or email.


We are an honest company that focuses its business around building long term relationships with our clients. We have strong values that include being an honest company, within our practice and in our relationships with our clients.

Customer Focused

Building relationships with our customers comes first. We believe that this is the key to a successful project. Listening to our customers means we fully understand their needs and requirements fully before starting any project.


Read about a few of the more popular services we offer. From concept development to fast, secure and reliable hosting, we have your needs covered.

Web Applications

Creating bespoke web applications to fit any business model. The reliable service you receive means you can work to your full potential without worrying about not having the right tools at hand.


No matter what it is you need, we will design it to give you the best potential. Our products are designed to be streamlined for any device, always with the user in mind. The designs we produce will help you to stand out from the crowd, giving an instant professional image of your brand.


We have the skills to build you any CMS to fit any company model. Taking your individual requirements, we can build you a solution that will help manage your business and carry out a range of different tasks.


We have extensive experience with using wordpress, and are able to use it to offer you a simple cost effective solution to your problems. Through the use of plugins and our own skills we are able to make it as customised as required.


With all of our work we are able to offer advice of the best SEO practices for your company. We can help your business be seen through optimisation, keywords and responsiveness.


We offer a wide range of hosting services from cloud to email. All of our servers are monitored regularly to ensure your website or application is running as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

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