From Insurance Platforms to Food Subscription Services, our web application services help our clients gain ROI through our unique approach. Here are a few key projects that highlight the work we do.


Insurance Company Portal

After scouring available platforms online, our client, an insurance company, chose to invest in their own to do exactly what they needed.

The main requirement was the ability to process, on a monthly basis, large volumes of policies data to monitor and predict the insurance scheme’s viability. This is achieved via XLSX/CSV upload into an internal system known as “Triangles”.

The calculations are then fed into Sage X3 for complete reporting on the company’s accounts.


Mobile & Card Payments Aggregator Systems

Cloud-based software providing a service platform that presents customers the convenience of a wide variety of online payment methods, across the globe.

Stability and reliability are key to the system handling high volumes of traffic to service large numbers of websites and services.

The platform was built on AWS with automatic scaling to allow the service to self-manage based on demand.

Amazing as always. Highly recommend Pecometer, great developers who communicate really well and really quickly, plus give great advice!
Pecometer have completely transformed our business processes. What was previously taking a month of manual work is now done automatically in a matter of hours—highly recommend.
Without Pecometer our platform wouldn't be anything near as impressive as it is today! Over the years we've worked closely to build a best-in-class solution that is a direct reflection on the great skills, diligence and efforts that Sean and his team have dedicated to our success.


A Food Subscription Service

Designed for busy, single professionals with limited time to plan and prepare healthy meals. Our client has built a successful company utilising both the website and office management system created by Pecometer.

A fully functional suite was the remit of our client to include automatic submission to third party companies of delivery details, printing marketing material, maintaining stock levels and generating ingredient shopping lists based on website demand.


Road Surfacing Regulatory App

An application to reduce paperwork generated on-site and, importantly, provide full functionality where no reliable data connection is available.

This fully enabled Progressive Web Application allows storage of data remotely when connection to the main servers is not possible. Data synchronisation is performed at a time when a connection is available.

Strict compliance to regulator rules for the generation of reports and certificates used in cases of accidents on newly laid surfaces.