Pecometer Software

Custom solutions
built for success

Custom solutions
built for success

We design & develop software, apps, and websites, with a focus on modernising processes and driving digital transformation.

Software development specific to your business

We are a UK-based software development company that builds custom software solutions from scratch, to ensure your product works just the way you want it to. Our core services are software development, web app development, mobile app development, cloud management services and UX/UI design. Our expertise spans various B2B and B2C solutions, catering to a range of industries, including construction, food services, finance, and insurance.


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Web & mobile app development

for IOS, Android and web platforms

We specialise in building custom software for web, iOS, and Android mobile and tablet devices, ensuring compatibility through responsive design. Our solutions leverage our in-house CMS system for optimal speed, usability, functionality, and security across platforms. Our developers work closely with our UX/UI Designers to implement interfaces that prioritise user-friendliness and offer optimal performance.

Mobile app developmentMobile app developmentMobile app developmentMobile app developmentMobile app development

Simplifying processes

with custom applications

Our user-friendly work management platforms are designed to address the specific challenges of your business operations. Specialising in bespoke software solutions, we tailor each product to your unique requirements from the ground up. We continuously update the product to meet evolving user needs, market trends, and business objectives.

What can our software do?

Bespoke software solutions

We build solutions to streamline workflows, manage purchase orders, control stock, and organise deliveries through web and mobile apps. Our advanced technology and robust security measures work together to minimise errors and identify operational gaps.

As specialists in creating custom solutions, your options extend beyond what you see here. Reach out to us to discuss your specific requirements.

Our own systems and frameworks developed for full customisation and optimisation:

Pecular - Frontend FrameworkPecoStack - Full stack frameworkPecoTS - Backend Framework
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